The Fractured Fates


Fables tell that the world was once a much larger place. This world is now called the Mother Stone. Various nations lay across endless seas, there was land and resources for all. There was a harmony known between the civilized races and nature, and thus use of magic was common and natural. Then, something happened. The Great Fracturing. The sky turned red as fire rained down on all those unfortunate enough to be caught without protection. Life nearly ended that day. Only those who took refuge in the deep caves throughout the land, or in the Dwarven mines of the Feinhourn Mountain range were able to survive. When these survivor emerged, they found themselves in a new landscape. The ground was scorched. The cities they once knew had crumbled. And the whole world had split apart. They now only lived on sliver of the world they once know. One single continent to be regrown and reclaimed. Babtistina.


Now nearly 1500 years after The Great Fracturing, the various races of beings have moved out and settled into the world. For many years, the majority of beings lived a nomadic lifestyle. Perhaps they feared building up in one place as no one knew if or when another fracturing may occur. Some of the more proud races, Dwarves and Elves, congregated in secluded cities, while others began to form up around military alliances or resources. As time wore on, these resources have become increasingly scarce and larger more industrialized cities are being formed. Primarily, the city of Spire.


Aeomon Glass, of the heroic Glass bloodline, is a charismatic human who has allied together many of the once nomadic humans throughout Babtistina. Utilizing forced labor and strict utilitarian rule, they have created a city built around a massive tower decorated with reflective glass. And thus, the city is called Spire. Is spire the beacon of peace and progress that Baptistina desperately needs to avoid falling into war and ruin? Will humans learn to rule fairly or will greed continue to corrupt their actions? Dark murmurings of revolt, and evil magic are whispered in secret in the streets. Can our adventurers, brought together by chance, seek out the darkness in the world and stop it before time runs out?


From Spire to the scorched obsidian deserts of the Black Flats, to the dark and magical Balust woods, the affluent yet secretive Elven fortress of Tolifae, the fabled mines of Feinhourn, and the broken ruins of cities scorched by The Fracturing, this band of adventures must search out and uncover the secrets hiding in the shadows.

Will they succeed? Or will their fates, those of all living creatures and the land itself fall into chaos, burn beneath a rain of flames and crack apart once more, irreparably broken, fractured.