Spire is a city built up in more recent times. It surrounds a brilliant tower made using reflective glass. When sun shines through it, it sends beams of light glittering through the stone streets. Its major industries are lumber, glass and mineral refineries, and finer luxury goods. The city is roughly split into three sections around the three massive supports for the spire tower. These three supports which go out like small bridges into the city are colloquially referred to as “The Sandal” which rests in the wealthy area of the city, “The Boot” in the working class and military focused area, and “the Foot” in the large slums.

The wealth gap in Spire is very evident and is divided largely along race lines. Humans are clearly given preferential treatment. Between the slum areas and the tower runs a bustling bazaar full of street vendors, performers, artisans, as well as cons and thieves. The large peninsula jetting into The Foot collects waste from the industrial buildings due to the flow of tides. As such, it is called the Black Toe due to the condition of the water. The cities political, military, and religious elite reside closer to the western shore where the waters are clear and warm.

The guard presence is felt strongly throughout the city, especially in The Foot. A private, specialized guard keeps watch along the lines of The Sandal. People accused of wrong doing are often rounded up to work in labor camps doing work mining or in for the lumber mills.


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